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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Winning Against Stress in the Workplace...I QUIT

Firstly, I want to express my sincere condolences to the families and friends of the WBDJ victims.  Secondly, I want to come out as a minority who has dealt with matters of race, class and gender in places of business.  Unfortunately, we cannot control others' prejudice or ignorance when it comes to dealing with diverse communities.  However, we as human beings, can control our actions - regardless of color or sexual preference.

It seems this young man has a history of going to blows with his employers and taking legal action.  Unfortunately, it's too late to prevent anything but it should give those who work in challenging industries or situations insight as to what can happen when certain factors are not properly assessed.

For those who remember the old blog, I used to rant about employers that gave me a hard time.  Obviously, I had a lot of material because I gained a following in little time, along with individuals wanting to share their accounts.  When I began working for myself, the complaints were few and far between.  Clients (of some were small business owners) had different priorities than most government employees, as the latter made most of my content during those early years.

While I also took stock of mistakes I made, my intention during recovery was to change some of my old habits.  Speaking up more and trying to see matters from another POV made a big difference in communicating with instructors and others who were part of my new work life.  However, it was in the Spring of this year I again encountered the ugly face of harassment.

My management class, in the beginning, appeared to be a challenge.  I wanted to have that certificate along with my degree so I took the opportunity to join the Sustainable Works group at Santa Monica College for extra credit.  I figured that maybe it was something I could put on my resume but everything they had to offer, besides dead air, was no different than a PSA shown during sitcoms or talk shows.  At the halfway point, I realized that joining this group was a complete waste of time.  Adding insult to injury were the "leaders" who made back-handed remarks to anyone that was NOT white or thin.

Since I fit both categories, I probably got it the hardest - even though I was on time for every meeting and participated in their grade school games as needed.  I think my girth is better than looking like a meth head (Logan) or Boy George without makeup (hey, Phillipa).  Thank goodness, my encounters like this at SMC were few and far between.

The last insult took a day to sink in and I'd thought at the time that if I saw either of those racist chicks anytime soon, it may not be pretty.  Reporting people to the dean or administration can be just as bad as filing a lawsuit, except it costs no money.  Since I was holding a low "A" in my management class and the semester was almost over, I decided to leave.  Dealing with 1-2 junkies who were too ignorant to know that I was recovering from a serious illness was not going to ruin my future.

So, I wish I had a resource to share with those who may not have the easy choice that I did but I will suggest to really look at the big picture.  Violence or getting revenge may feel good but there is almost always a consequence.  Someone in his position could have found other areas of media in which to work but he chose to compound his troubles by dealing with the law.

Life is too damn short!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Improve Your Blogging Game for Free

My uncle once told me a person can't make money from spending - but investing it!
Let me tell you something.  I can start a blog based on the many crappy writing books on Amazon.  Over the holidays I got a Kindle Fire and literally went insane with e-books that were supposed to help me.  Though many were cheap, others that costs a few dollars really added up over a period of a couple of months.

So recently I met Shawn through Postloop, who runs  This is a friendly site with a decent layout and no judgment passed about how much (or little) people are making from other posters.  Best of all, Shawn knows of what he speaks and is not jumping on bandwagons while chasing content mills that pay pennies.

He also runs the Blogging University, which is offering FREE courses in March.  These are short and focus on the art of creating interesting posts and uploading better photos or artwork.  I have signed up and encourage this over spending 5.99 on a Kindle book with great ratings (probably paid for by the "author") that may or may not help your blogging game,

Hate Your Job? Work Hard with No Appreciation? Share on a New Zine!

There is a new zine on the rise and it sounds awesome!  Clockpuncher is similar to Work in Hell's old blog format where people talk about co-workers (or bosses) that made earning a living sheer hell.  Here are the details that Adrienne sent me recently -
Hey dudes!
I'm working on a zine called Clockpuncher, which is all about finding ways to prioritize creative pursuits when you work an imagination-sucking 9-to-5 job. I'm looking for any submissions that fit the general theme.
Examples of content that would be appropriate:
- Practical tips and tricks for squeezing creative endeavours into your day
- Personal stories and narratives (in any format.. essays, comics, poems, etc.)
- ART. Send me your art.
- Honestly, the zine is about creativity, so I'm not going to stifle yours. Send me whatever floats your boat.
I will send a copy to everyone who contributes. Please submit to by March 22!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

So...How Does a Person Get Out of Working in Hell?

In the past few years, people have asked why did I get into this and the answer was really simple...I wanted to.  This is not to say that transitioning was fun but I did have some help along the way.

Here are some basic ways to get started and most of these are cheap.

  • Go to the local or internet library.  Actually, the bigger is best when it comes to resources and possibly getting resources that can help save money.  For instance, my big library (downtown Los Angeles) has free workshops for things like small business funding, operations, e-book publishing and screenwriting.  Both systems (city and County) give patrons free access to and Universal Class.  I can speak on the latter and it's a crap shoot as far as actual learning goes.  Not a complete waste of time but the local adult school or college extension may be a better value.

  • If you're changing fields, it helps to go free or low-cost before going all they way.  For instance, there are places to improve data entry skills so a person can work at home as a virtual assistant or data entry clerk. Unless it is a field with high possibilities (like costume design or financial

  • Save your money.  Start with brown bagging and keep going from there. Once you have at least $500 at your disposal, you can begin operating on a shoestring budget while maintaining regular employment.  If there is a loss, you can re-trace your steps and start over again.  This is why some start as low as $100, which is enough to get a web package from most hosting services.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Making Better Money Decisions in the New Year

We all know about things like clipping coupons, using rebates on purchases, and simply cutting back on expenses, which can save the average person hundreds, if not thousands, a year!  By adding supplemental income, people can pay off bills, make a major purchase, or save for a rainy day.

But one way that people are giving away money is by commenting on forum posts.  Often online posters share their opinions on different topics not realizing that marketers, publicists, and others are using this relevant feedback to promote their products.  As a Marketing major, I can tell you this is a lot of money, so why not get in on the profits?
Anyone can earn money posting in the comfort of their own home, on the road, or anywhere that has an internet connection.  You can arrange your hours with NO minimum or maximum required to get paid the same day!
The great thing about this job is that posters are required to converse in everyday English and provide feedback that is free of profanity, defamatory content, or anything that is not conducive to marketing research.
There are a wide range of topics that anyone can give their opinion about -

  • ·         Celebrity gossip
  • ·         Cooking
  • ·         Current news
  • ·         Politics
  • ·         Small Business
  • ·         Special Interests/Hobbies
  • ·         Sports
  • ·         Technology
Earn Money Posting in Forums

Once a person gains a strong reputation for making relevant posts, other positions like forum moderation can lead to additional ways to make money at home. 
After completing a short trial, anyone can begin earning through PayPal!
So instead of wasting money at the club this weekend or seeing an overpriced movie, learn the art of chat while getting paid.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Would You Give Your Biz a Funky Name for Attention?

The first time I read about an architectural firm in L.A. called Design, Bitches…I was like…Ok? I knew what it was about but the question was is it right?  When it comes to marketing and promotion, getting the right kind attention is better than shock value. 

And you’ve got to be thinking, ‘This bitch is crazy for thinking such a thing’.  I know but even with the new media being the norm for getting a new or improved customer base for pennies, there is one thing that the Chocolate Rain Guy, Tila Tequila, Soulja Boy and many other who have found riches through basic video marketing.  Nothing lasts forever.

In my temping days, I worked briefly for one of the top architectural firms, HTNB.  This was more than a decade ago, so things may have changed for the better but back then, men mostly ran things except for admin stuff.  And with all the testosterone in the air came ego and it was a fairly cutthroat environment.  While a nice change from the office pool I began to despise with a passion, my love for drawing could not be utilized there.

Maybe instead of using bitch as a synonym for skank or female that is not worthy, they claim to be the female canine in the dog-eat-dog world of business.  Who knows?

So why create an image that lets the world know that you are a badass?  Or why not go with a name that says your image is good, if not great?  Well, this is a free world and if the city hall says a person can legally christen their biz with some crazy moniker, why the hell not?  Here’s a more cerebral outtake from Forbes.
Here are others

Below was taken at the Ultimate Womens Expo in L.A. last year by yours truly.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Funniest Job Listing of the Week

Happy New Year folks!  The top resolution for many is to lose weight.  This "job" does NOT involve a pill, a shake that tastes like sugary concrete or drugs but it does involve science and helping others in the process.  Courtesy of The Penny Hoarder.

Hey, if this works out for you, please share the experience with us!

In the meantime, this is me right now...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Me and FlexJobs

In recent, I've been looking into places that will help me in my major which is Marketing/Merchandising.  Love copywriting but the market is a little saturated with people willing to work for pennies.  Anyway, I heard that FlexJobs was a decent place to find online or offline work.  The only catch was that services are fee-based.

I got the 3-month subscription to get an even feel without a real commitment (which is around $40-50 a year).  Testing is free, there are decent articles and a few small perks just for being a member (consumer goods with a minor discount).  Like most reviews say, there's no spam or pressure to join some fake college or anything that does not pertain to actual work.

While I was not terribly active (I've got school and client as I type), I saw that Lionsbridge saw my profile and felt I was a match for a position.  I've heard good things about them, so I wanted to keep things going.  My subscription expires next week so I wanted to renew early.

But their system would not take my payment.  I even tried different cards but nothing. So I write them letting them know what was going on.  I got a message stating to contact Jeremy in Billing.

Now speaking as a marketing person, it would have been nice if Jeremy had contacted me to walk through the process and they can make a sale.

But nooooooooo.  I had to go through their tiresome phone menu and leave a message, again.

This is to make those aware that some of these places may have good intentions but lack the right due diligence to stay in the game.  I'm on the lookout for another "FlexJobs".

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Learning to Write So I Can Make Cents...NOT!

Like most writers who have few print credits to their name, I take non-credit classes from every so often to sharpen my skills.  As technology takes over, I will probably do this until I retire from working.  So this means at least 25 more years of me paying for writing courses.

While I have no problem paying, I do have a problem with high prices based on a brand.  If you're saying 'Well that's just business, toots', you are correct.  However, me and other hard-working consumers can speak out on anything that is not fair.

This summer, I had some time to myself but instead of taking a vacation, I decided to take a writing class.  Not just any class but one that would help "up the ante" when it came to charging clients.  A good investment, if you will.

Those brands on my brain were the Writer's Digest tech writing class, Writer's Village University membership, and UCLA Extension.  The latter cost the most but I thought would bring the best return.  Then again, I read reviews on Yelp and also remembered that they also accepted my junkie cousin into their alcoholic counselor program (no disrespect to those who have taken the class or are staying on the wagon).  My point is that they will take anyone with money.

Writer's Village University was my first paid print assignment so I felt that I owe them something, even though they were slow to process after submission.  While they were the least expensive option, they only seemed to have more fiction than genres used in business communication.

That leaves Writer's Digest.  I will stick with facts from here on.

The program is called the Essentials of Technical Writing, meaning the absolute bare bones. There is no certificate. Formatting is not part of the curriculum.  Research basics are taught but more info can be found at other resources for less.  I was impressed with how to translate tech documents into everyday language.  I got feedback on all of my submissions but my last, where I broke down how gender roles changing in today's society and how it should reflect in government data stats and forms.  I was shot down with blanks.  Meaning the instructors had no basis for their opinion.  Why are there always articles about gay and women's rights in the workplace and other areas of life? Not to mention bills being passed that reflect these changes.

So if you're bored and have the money, you can spend on WD but it will not be an investment if you know a little about technical or business writing.  Otherwise, take college courses or try a single class with ed2go or a free writing class.  Some content sites (like Authorr - and they pay on time, in case you want to write for them).  Personally, this has scared me from Gotham and UCLA Extension.

Right now I'm back in school and my instructors are great. I hope to get the right training at a fair price in this lifetime.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Latest 411 in Content Writing

For those of you that are still getting used to Yahoo Contributor Network disappearing, I just got an email announcing that HubPages and Squidoo were merging.

I sort of remember trying Squidoo years ago and from what I recall, they had "lenses", which were a synopsis of different subjects (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

Now, HubPages I do remember and once had a good relationship with them.  However, I guess around the time I began to get private clients was when they decided to change their requirements so as to comply with Google's new/revised algorithm.  What I do remember is that most of my articles got pulled (after years of being public) because they weren't long enough and did not have enough accompanying images.  We couldn't come to mutual terms so I recently pulled the articles.

As far as other venues go, I'm working on a list of hot leads as I'm typing.

One thing I can say is that maybe not all paid places are bad. I heard about FlexJobs on Real Ways to Earn Money Online and another blog I can't remember.  Anyway, they told the truth about some of the FlexJobs leads being visible online for free.  However, they are not all CL ads and the service does save some time.  They have monthly, 3-month and yearly options and I think the yearly is under $30.  I used the promo code SAVE30 to get 30% off the membership price.  One thing that have to add is that skills tests are free and navigating  their site is very easy.

On the flip side, I've had a account for years and recently, I upgraded to their paid option.  Not only does a person have to pay for each skills exam but they have a dozen annoying windows, pop-ups, constant email reminders that go out more than once a day...and the cheapest clients.  I just finished IM someone who wasn't paying much (ok, it's seo and not a tech paper), wanted a superfast turnaround (it's possible but on my terms...please don't monopolize my hours) and wanted for me to worker earlier than when the coffee kicks in (only for an hourly job as this was a flat fee).

As they used to say, back to the drawing board.