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Friday, July 27, 2018

Why Sales Counter Gigs May Become Extinct

Back when I was really young, I would peruse my local classifieds and see paid job training openings. According to the ad, pay was a little more than minimum AND I could start immediately.  Well, it took two encounters for me to see that these were fronts for a fake computer school.  However, the words from one recruiter that looked like she just came from Woodstock stuck in my mind...

 "Computers are gonna take over everything, man."( I'm very much a woman, btw)

So decades later, she would be proven somewhat correct.  Maybe it was a hallucinogenic dream she had where sales clerks would be replaced by robots (her first claim to convince me that data entry school was what I needed in my life).  On the other hand, who could've predicted the culture would become so stupid.

I've got strong words for a situation that could have easily been prevented...twice.

Anyway, it was an Augusta Sephora counter that took a major hit...by a child.  While most of Facebook is mad at the mother (who, according to the article, made a mad dash without confronting staff), my question is where was the sales help?  On their mobile device, at the food court, in the back sleeping?

Whenever I go through department stores, I notice the cosmetic counter.  Not because I necessarily want to buy but to be on my guard because those people seem to jump out of nowhere these days.  The video above explains why they are now so aggressive.

According to ABC News, the cosmetics industry is a $60B business, so $1300 in damages shouldn't hurt.  However, why not part with some of those funds to get adequate coverage?  I don't blame the staff because they were probably overworked.

So many of these big names are so consumed with cutting corners that they end up cutting their nose to save face.  Even in industries where ego and visuals sell the product.  If someone in sales can't sell an average-looking person a dream, why not have a robot do the job?  It would definitely cut down on inventory shrinkage.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

KFC's Cattitude and Other Content Marketing Fails

Let me just start off by saying sorry.  Sorry that I, personally, couldn't deliver to you four WHOLE hours of cats climbing on a cat tree that looks sort of like The Colonel.  I mean, really!  As a single Gen-X female with no spouse or kids to keep me busy but loves the felines along with writing, this really broke my heart.  However, I knew that my Facebook fam would have jokes for days if I gave up my information (because we know how secure they really are).  So, for those who are insanely bored, Retail Dive has you covered.  Just scroll a little and there it is

Anyway, KFC has been of interest to me when it came to their TV commercials and overall image.  Back when I ate fast food chicken, I was pretty satisfied with just the two recipes and the elderly gentleman in a white suit that was a little on the chubby side.  Now, you have failed SNL alumni, 1970s sex symbols that didn't get work like Burt Reynolds, and I even think I saw a lady colonel recently.  Too bad the black KFC Colonel never stood a chance.  So much for marketing research.

So, in looking for this cat video that I'm trying to embed, I first turn to the original site and run into the company blog. While the layout is nice and colorful, it seems that the content is misplaced.  Although some people (or comedians) can get away with being self-depreciating, it doesn't always work for food.  Like titles that recall old myths about their overall cleanliness kind of kill the memories of enjoying their food as a kid.  Chicken Chattin may one day serve as a strong marketing tool but today, it can stand an overhaul.  Vintage commercials before there was a revolving door.  Videos of people who say they got the "secret" recipe.  Suggestions for new sides or menu ideas submitting by the people.  Maybe?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Biggest Ad Fail of 2018...So Far

Earlier this year, we were flooded with TV and viral announcements from IHOP (or for you old schoolers, International House of Pancakes) about this converting to IHOB.  The "B" stood for burgers but...we had yet to hear about any type of burger, or anything else.

So now today (7/17/18) we get this new TV ad stating that it was all a bad joke and now that it's back to business as usual, we're offering you a short stack for less than $.075 (with tax).

Now, I'm all for jokes but as the recipient, I believe I'm supposed to laugh...at something.  As an old school fool, I miss my House of Pancakes.  The London Broil, syrup that actually tasted like a flavor and not sugar...and cleanliness.  Too many have that stuffy smell like they forgot to steam clean the carpet at the end of the month.  And I'm not talking about the 24-hour ones, I know those are shot to hell.

Back to the bad joke, which is actually on IHOP because if you live in a major city, you can't get away from burger joints.  In-and-Out is no longer that guilty pleasure, as people are standing in long lines for burgers with peanut butter, small mountains of bacon, runny eggs, and my fav...Onion Jam!  *drools like Homer Simpson*
Regressing and wiping mouth corner aside, I want to know what burgers was the world supposed to get ready for.  Now in my research, I saw some steak burger that looked like frisbees.  Really, no love or anything.  While this is not a food review blog, this is my analogy of the whole IHOP commercial fail.

This is similar to an average guy who dates a girl-next-door type for years.  Things are not perfect but pleasant and there's some level of comfort.  Then out of nowhere comes some mysterious rebel chick that the guy is somehow drawn to.  She's not the cutest thing and probably not the safest but he drops Ms. Next Door in a heartbeat.  Her recovery is gradual but steady and she's found other options.  In the meantime, Rebel chick was either a fraud or left town overnight so now dude wants that old thing back.  Now, we all know that the first woman would be a fool to go back and this is why I predict that IHOP will go by way of Sambo's. 

Instead of a weak marketing loss leader (.60 short stack), why not try making these cleaner or using 100% eggs (instead of half-pancake batter) to make a simple omelet? Or even adding some real spices like chipotle, roasted, or using real maple syrup?  Huh, huh?

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Does Your Starbucks Coffee Taste Different Today?

Today is the day after the famous meeting that was supposed to educate Starbucks staff on how to treat customers of color.  Well, how about just treating everyone who's willing to pay the same money for burnt-tasting java the same.  An anti-bias meeting may be the first step forward but it's not enough.

How about common sense being used by the staff and the patron?  What about using good judgment before calling the police or making a case of nothing?  As a person of color, I have to say that I hate that people have chosen to make Starbucks a meeting spot instead of a place to get your food/drink and go.

No really, most libraries have rooms that can be rented to meet people.  You can't sit in most restaurants all day and order nothing...they would go out of business.  However, when they began to open the largest coffee chain in the world, someone should have taken a close look at the clientele in every area.

And while this is not an easy job, I think it's necessary.  For instance, there's a Starbucks every few yards in Downtown L.A.  Go into any one location at random and you will see at least one transient for every 3-4 professional people inside or outside.  Also, the transient isn't always a Black or Latino male.

Unless that disenfranchised person is a distraction or may cause potential harm to themselves or others, it's understood that they may not be loitering.  In fact, some are known to carry around wads of cash for a number of reasons.  The day is usually too short to judge or figure out why some human do what they do.

Then there are the people who may not look "right".  Let's look at some things that are supposed to scare those who work in customer service.  Rather than get them right in and right out, these are some things that actually hinder their productivity

  • Their hair is uncombed or wild-looking (so was that of white hippies back in the late 60s and early 70s).
  • They don't look as if they are going to a job (many people work at home or different hours and are still a productive member of society).  
  • They look troublesome (does everyone go around smiling all the damn time...NO! Truthfully speaking, people who are dressed really nice who go to high-end retailers in groups have the potential to do some real damage...even though these places are usually insured)
To paraphrase 1990s cult personality Susan Powter, Stop the Stupidity!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Interview From Hell (L.A. Version)

This has happened to me.  Several times.  Leaving a job during business hours to interview somewhere else, hoping that you are at least a strong candidate. 

Most people who don't live here think that Burbank and Long Beach are just minutes from one another (maybe at 3:30 AM).  But navigating these streets (especially the Westside) is not easy.  There's the congestion, construction, somebody shooting a damn film or music video.

But what about when you're not prepared either.  It's happened to me a lot recently and I'm beginning to take it as a sign as to which direction I should take my career.  Yet, we all know that preparation is key to everything in business...right?

However, anyone who has experienced interview drama like this lady here can only admit to one thing.  With age, you know miles away when it's not going to work, but morbid curiosity pulls you in and going with the adrenaline wave against better judgment.  If L.A. traffic caused you to miss out on an incredible business opportunity, don't cry (unless the job paid six figures or more).

Friday, October 20, 2017

Funniest Facebook Job Listing for 2017

Dubai is a nice place to visit with its wonderful commerce, beautiful architecture and luxurious shopping experience.  The extraordinary party scene draws in crowds like no other.  Many who are familiar with this Arab city, know what old-school profession goes hand-in-hand with hard work.

Personally, I've got nothing against this income stream but it's just that if a nerd like me knows about their escort business, so does everyone else.  So why post a conspicuous-looking ad in Facebook of all places?  As you can see, this is a closed group I belong to that posts a lot of legitimate job opportunities and sometimes offer good advice.

Why is this post suspect?  I'm on my Chromebook so I don't have ready access to the highlight feature for screen shots.  But here are some possible flags for those who may want a change of scenery and a little more money but you may end up with much more than what you bargained for.

And here we go...

1.  Have the ability to identify the business owner or decision maker and contact him closely.

So all you have to do is know who's in charge and how to reach them?  And how close is close in the electronic age? I know hugs are customary in some business cultures but usually, it doesn't apply countries that consider women to be second-class citizens.

2. Female Marketing & sales executive is needed for a design agency in Dubai

Why not a male?  Or even someone who considers themselves neither?  Discrimination at its finest!

3. Please send us your CV with recent photo 

There was once a time when only student residencies required a photo and maybe a few other high-end (as in well-paying) professions.  I know some employers are asking for this but in relation to the other content in the ad, this sounds a little strange.  From what I can see, it's a marketing assistant position that doesn't list educational or experience requirements.  Some prospects I run across are kind of rigid about this because not everyone knows the laws of business communication.  

Anyway, it's been nearly 12 hours since this ad went live so I hope it is legitimate.  I'm just curious as to why it was posted on a site since it appears the customs are different than that of the States.  Additionally, are relocation expenses covered?  So many questions...but maybe one answer.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

When Social Influence Goes to Hell

*Not a sponsored post BTW*  Being a social media influencer, or influence marketer, seems to be one of the new job titles that's not going anywhere anytime soon. Which is good if a person is a decent writer and/or has a nice following that is congruent to a brand's image.  There is no template that I know of to get started since most agencies or individuals have reached out to me.   However, I recently attended a workshop by marketing expert Deborah Deras who said the best way to find an agency is to type "influencer marketing" in a search engine and compile a list.  Speaking from experience, some will work with bloggers or content producers that are new or don't have large traffic numbers.

While the money may not be bad (and this is negotiable when you can prove that you played a role in driving more sales), it can have its challenges.  To date, my best client is Oprah Winfrey, the easiest was DirecTV (all I had to do was cut and paste pre-written copy but I was asked to take these down years later) and probably the most controversial was Wenn Hair Care (I personally don't believe there is one type of hair care system that works for ALL textures).

Yet, after starting over and getting back into the groove of things, I was kind of pleased earlier in the year when I was asked to write a sponsored post for a content publishing company.  I'd worked with them in the past couple of years when I needed fast cash and overall, I had a decent experience.  My only problem at the time was that customers could reject any article...without reason.  The production statistics were also visible on the writer's public profile, which wasn't the worst thing...or so I thought.

So months after publishing my post, I got a little heat from visitors who were probably researching freelance writing companies.  I've got nothing to hide and had no problem publishing anyone's feedback that had relevance but I don't deal with name-calling.  It's not that serious, if you feel you can make more money elsewhere, then get to it and leave me alone.

And I knew it was about reputation management since the first page of search engine results are complaints from writers.  Truthfully, there are some advantages over the competition but once again, there's the rule that the customer is right.  Or are they?

This is a true account of my last assignment with Hirewriters.  I accepted something from a client whose directives were to wait for exact directives.  No, really.  Though I had an idea of what was expected, it's like okay...I know how to cross a street but do I cross at 3:10 or 3:30, AM or PM?  One of those numbers.  Problem is that after accepting I never heard back from the client.  Maybe they got into an accident or something but whatever it was, I was penalized.

Ruby (in Support) and I went back and forth several times until I could get her to see that I did do what the client said. Her only defense (besides that they couldn't reach the client, which should've been enough) was that I needed to submit something...even if it was literally jibberish or the filler content used in desktop publishing (i.e. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.).

So while Ruby claimed they would look into it, I knew she was being insincere.  And on that note, I pulled the sponsored post immediately.  When I saw that my glowing review could still be found on Google, I immediately deleted it from my Plus account so it's no longer visible.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Is a Certificate Really Worth It?

This is not a dig at any school or learning institution, as I have good and bad feedback about college and franchises.  What I'm talking about is the process of doing research about a position or industry, looking for a resource which will help learning more.  Supposedly, if you're smart, you'll research the instructor or go for a class audit and, if all looks good, enroll.  Finally, you pass the class with flying colors only to learn that the one thing you needed (and it usually relates to technology) is obsolete.

If you paid to learn Adobe Flash in the past year, you know of what I speak.

What about those names that are not as powerful as Adobe, Microsoft, or Facebook?  Less than two years ago, I had a college instructor tell the class that Twitter is gone with the cassette player.  We reluctantly believed it but now I still see Twitter marketing classes...and it's not like the same way a person would see MySpace marketing classes advertised.

A few months prior, I took a social media class at a popular 2-year college and the emphasis was Tumblr.  While I don't hate this app, I've yet to see it work as a primary marketing tool the same way Facebook and Twitter work as a secondary marketing, or in conjunction with word-of-mouth.

So what's an eager beaver to do?  One poster on a respected blog stated they would rather attend classes at a place like General Assembly or Code School for all things related to social content and web design/development.  The good side of some of these schools is that they allow some classes to be taken a la carte for little or nothing.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Is Profanity the Latest in Water Cooler Talk?

A long time ago, when I was a kid (as in not quite drinking age), I said a profane word at work.  It was a single word.  Loud.  Then silent.  That was how it went  down at a Westside bank on a late Friday afternoon. ATMs had limited capabilities and there was no internet.   I hated my job and home life and had to let off steam.  Somehow when you've beaten a serious illness, you reflect and wonder how you got away with certain things.

One thing that encouraged me was my bosses, who always seemed unhappy to a degree (though some of their anger was focused in my direction), and had no problem spewing profanity, even when things were slow.  It took me a minute to learn  about "decorum" and paying dues in corporate structures.  Even though this situation was my first "work in hell" experience where I wanted to stab my bosses in the eye with a butter knife, I vowed to keep the potty mouth to a bare minimum.  Except for an occasional (but really funny) dirty joke, I've stuck by this for more than 25 years.

Like with popular music, my college experience has changed in terms of using colorful language.  Last year, I got an algebra teacher that sounded like the coach on Legends of Chamberlain Heights.  Problem is that I didn't learn anything and had to drop since there was nothing I said or did to justify his profane comebacks.

Fast forward exactly one year later where I'm taking a similar class but things are not well (see previous post).  Anyway, I'm sitting in class where I'm not only the oldest but possibly older than the instructor.  During a short break, a TA and another student are having a conversation loaded with f-bombs and it seems more like a bar than a classroom.  Hmmm.

Is this is a trend we decrepit (Gen-X and older) folks have to look forward to when millennials become our bosses?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Mantra to Adults Returning to College

For many, getting an advanced degree (or your first) is a helluva challenge.  However, when you start seeing more employers wanting a bachelors for a secretary (excuse me...Administrative Assistant), then now is probably time to take stock of what's out there.  Sounds simple huh?

If you come from a generation (or a culture) where you would rather find out things while you're young and PAY LATER, like all karmic events...there's interest to deal with.  You might have a situation where the classes you took during that rough freshman or sophomore year won't transfer to your current career aspiration.  So you have to start over.

Or you could be like me where not only do you fly right upon returning but your landings are smooth enough to make the Dean's List.  Alrighty then.  But...there's a big bump in the road, coupled with another life event that kicks your spirit into the depths of Satan's house.  It happens.

BUT...what if some of the things that are barriers are NOT YOUR FAULT!

While you are looking to better yourself, it's easy to forget that many workers don't have the same enthusiasm.  Not talking about the hard-working accountant that's daydreaming about being a captain on a cruise ship...and it's near the end of the fiscal year.  I'm talking about real simple $hit, like someone who's title is Data Entry Clerk/Specialist/Technician/whatever....and they don't enter your information into the database.  Your transcripts (that you paid to have sent over) are just sitting, not being utilized.


Imagine trying to repeat the above when you are steaming mad, and worse, their mistake may cost you money, in addition to time spent solving the problem.  The great news is there may be a way around your problem.

1. Unless you live in an area that restricts you to attending the nearest college, you can start over somewhere else.  If any serious actions should come up, keep a tight records of all events that led to the final outcome.
2. Additionally, you can save money and time by attending a vocational or continuing ed. school.  However, you should research each institution carefully before enrolling.
3. Try to aim for more positives before working on negatives.  For instance, if your transcript was lost, work on tracking it down and ensure that it reaches the right person.  Note dates, names, and timetables before reporting to a higher authority.

As a bonus, while the road can be discouraging, don't let messages like this cloud your judgement -
Funny but it won't pay your bills!