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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All That Glitters...

You may be at home wishing you had the baller life, especially when those in the media that flaunt their riches are illiterate, arrogant or just without talent or brains.  Where I live, there are many on the "come-up".

Though this may be an urban term, it is becoming more common as those from all backgrounds are willing to do whatever to get recognition or money.

The first time I heard of Josh Macciello, I was watching the AM news and though I'm not much of a sports person, I was happy to hear that someone like me (working class background) was going to keep an L.A. landmark alive.  He had a great rapport, seemed ambitious and really down-to-earth demeanor that left many like me in good spirits since jobs seem to disappear overnight in the land of La-La.

Then I heard he was no longer bidding. 

First, I figured that is happens until I saw this L.A. Weekly cover story.  Seems Macciello has mastered the ultimate hustle and would be right to create a brand from what many describe as his special gift of gab.

My thoughts is that people fall eventually or just find themselves living a lie.  My cousin pursues wealthy women.  I once knew a guy who chased after grossly-obese but working women as a way to fill in the time between construction jobs.  One alleged Venice-based artist/musician that is way over 40 was more than happy to take $20 from me for alcohol a couple of years ago.

So as I sit here with credit card companies calling, my landlord temporarily at bay and less than one week before my cable is downgraded for an outstanding balance, I'm not mad.  Yeah, I'm upset for not relocating when I had the chance or being forced to deal with public education BS in order to get closer to "the American Dream" but those who mix and mingle and talk that talk to get paid.  Nope, not at all.

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