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Saturday, March 24, 2012

When Your Back is Against the Wall

Right now, I'm waiting impatiently for more work from a client that pays hourly. Feedback has been good but my output may have been a little too good so I hope the worst thing is that I will have to wait a day or two for more work.

Otherwise, I'm assed out.

While trying to play catch up on social marketing for my blogs, I ran across a list of resources from the I Hate My Life blog.  The links mostly apply to those who live in Los Angeles County but there's other info that is worth bookmarking.  Sounds like the author has done some time in Hollyweird but maybe he/she didn't want to play ball (a.k.a casting couch) so they took a few detours (including homelessness) in order to maintain their sanity.

Speaking of, I've been fortunate to be in a position where I can plug away for hours.  Some folks in my age range have health problems that prevent sitting at a desk for hours, others do not have the resources.  My internet service was disconnected for a few days recently and I had too much work to complete at the library.  And of course, the larger jobs ALWAYS get priority.

So why is one client who's fought me tooth and nail now writing me in CAPS?

Long story short.  She has a product that has yet to gain attention because in this day and age, people care more about paying bills than whether their skin care products contain parabens or synthetic materials.  And, she wants Perez Hilton numbers for a low hourly and less than 6 hours a week of work.  I've set them up on a few proven social/internet marketing campaigns that have brought in a few dollars but they're somewhere between dictating and not wanting to listen to reason.  And have been for some time now.  Though I like the cause/product, I love it when my landlord does NOT pay me a visit.

Talk about trying to shop at Nordstrom/Neiman Marcus for a gotdamn dollar.

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