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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Writer Watch: Fiction Writing

So far, I no issues with fiction writers but then again, they are few and far between, and pay little.  Associated Content/Yahoo Publisher/Yahoo Voices has calls for fiction ideas but none of these pay upfront.

Now, I've had some exposure with StoryMash and they have a really small payout.  My next mission is to filter and find romance/erotica search engines to submit my content so that I can market these better.  I like the escapism but I'd rather do this for a publishing house or as an hourly ghostwriting contractor.

I'm starting to find my leads in Google Ads.  As I have an email designed for writing, I find a lot of leads advertised on the page.  So far the success rate has been about 20% when it comes to money in my pocket but it is worth it since it's free and there's nothing to upload.

Last night, I discovered a site called Fictionade Magazine and here's what they have to say -

Writers Wanted

Yes it’s true, we’re looking for talented fiction writers who can self-promote really well. 
To be more specific, right now we’re looking for writers who:
- Are great storytellers in the short fiction, novella and/or novel range.
- Are trying to “become” writers in the career sense.
- Will use offline networking and online social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to effectively
 self-promote among your circles of friends, family, co-workers, fans, etc.
- Are believers in and will commit to Fictionade’s philosophy and success.
- Will respond to the comment boards that will go up in version 2.0. At that point we will be looking 
at hosting virtual “meet the author” events, hold book clubs, writers circles, and other events. 
We’re really excited to begin workshops for our writers. Will you be able to participate in these live virtual events?
- Will consistently provide approximately 4,000 words per week in finished prose by deadline.
- Will commit to the editorial process and won’t give up on us. Like any good editor, we will be sending
 your work back for revisions a lot. Please expect your work sent back with comments that are hard to 
stomach sometimes. We care, we really do. Part of this process will be becoming better writers. 
That’s part of the caring process, and it’s also the business. Can you handle some rough critique? 

Your commitment means coming back to us on time with necessary changes, and occasionally standing 
up for yourself on other changes. It needs to happen on time, every single time.
What do you think? Is this for you? If it is, here’s the application process. Please write to us 
and do the following:
- Tell us about yourself – Hobbies, philosophies, thoughts on fiction…whatever comes to mind. 
Maybe structure it like a bio.
- Please include an email address and a phone number
- Attach 2 works of fiction that represent you well in the 4,000 word range
- Like our Facebook Page and then:
- Post your best micro-fiction work you can come up with on the Fictionade page. Nothing larger than 250 words.
- See how many people you can get to like your piece. Don’t stress too much, we’re just looking to see
 if you know how to self-promote a little.
- Bonus points if you can follow us on Twitter @fictionade and do the same there in 140 characters or less. 
Ernest Hemingway was able to do it, after all, when he wrote “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”
- Write it this way “@fictionade” your post “#microfiction” 
(e.g. @fictionade For Sale: baby shoes, never worn #microfiction)

Now I got burned a while ago from a "site" that seemed to sound good.  Problem was once I submitted everything and  spoke with the owner (a local), I saw my words next to one of the worst layouts ever and you could hardly read the text.  Though it was emphasized that this opportunity could be for marketing purposes, I can't even link to this. :((

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