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Friday, April 20, 2012

Asking For a Job via Billboard...Tyler Perry...Really?

For those whore are not familiar with the "magic" that is Mr. Tyler Perry, he went from a series of dead-end jobs to homelessness to the mega-movie man a.k.a. Madea (also known as Big Mama in most southern/urban families).  He has managed to take Hollywood by storm with stories that borderline tired Black stereotypes, weak storylines and sometimes, sub-par acting.

Part of the reason for the latter is that he is known to bring on anybody to be in his films.  While he did an excellent job of exposing veteran actresses Kathy Bates and Cicely Tyson to a new generation, I wish he would slow down with the projects (movie, stage and TV) which he has released at breakneck speed for almost a decade now.

Now, like him or not, TP makes a lot of money for Lionsgate Studios so this is the main reason he is given carte blanche on a lot of projects.  So as a businessperson, what's wrong with going after the top dog to add a little something to your wallet?

According to Racquel Bailey , $1500 investment can go a long way.  Hear her story on Essence.com and see the video courtesy of Rhymes with Snitch is below.

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