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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Writer Watch: What is a PITA anyway?

Not long ago, my mother coined this term as an acronym for Pain in the Ass.  The funny thing is that my mother got this from a member of her church and when I sometimes think of people past a certain age, I don't think they would still use profanity.  Though this is mild for my mom compared to 25-30 yrs ago.

Well, I've got my PITA.  I may have mentioned this person at least once before.  They have a product that is nice but it's a hard sell in this economy.  There's not enough authoritative information to back the claims and it's not entertaining on its own.  However, she wants Perez Hilton/TMZ blog traffic.

So I create posts on her limited inventory and throw in a couple of related advertorials.  No problem but the marketing companies say that there is not enough diversity on the blog for her brand to participate. So we throw informative articles in the mix, which are no different than what the competition is doing.

I created a short video that was informative and kind of cute and less than 30 seconds.  Later, she creates a long video with no voiceover that only shows off her place of business. *yawn*

The catch is also that I would love to do more for this product but her cap of 5 weekly hours is stifling.  When I asked for an increase along with the reason, she pretty much refused. I haven't ended the contract because she was one of my first clients when I had to do this full-time.  These days, I've got larger contracts from people who know what they want and don't mind sparing the expense.

Sounds very familiar of my days as a temp.

Assignments that asked me to do just about everything, had no history or high turnover were the ones that paid pennies.  On the other hand, known organizations that had defined rules, were public and pretty reasonable when it came to letting people go, were some pretty nice salaries.  

Of course, there were exceptions in over 20 yrs of working but this situation here is a grim reminder that I may need to end this relationship.  She won't term me because no one working in that range will write, act as an online marketer and take the time to explain their actions in laymen's terms for what she's paying.

If you say it all adds up, not really.  Even I were to max the hours every week, it barely pays my gas bill. :(

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