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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Writer Watch: Traveling Without Moving

If a client wants to take you from NY to LA by way of Canada, don't do it!

While I am getting ready for fall classes, paying off some bills and other related stuff, I'm still looking for new ways to make ends meet. Though most of my clients are great, some are slowing down as my bills are on the rise.

Anyway, I hate long-ass dialogues.  I feel that if you saw my oDesk profile, this should give you enough information to let you know whether I'm a strong candidate.  Okay, you want to speak via Google Chat or Skype. I, personally, don't have the best luck with those methods but for the client with a large project in mind, this is a reasonable request.

Last week, one prospect was flustered at the fact that I noted that I do not work outside of oDesk if that's where you found me. 

*shrugs shoulders*

What I do hate are pages and pages of instructions to submit samples, unpaid ones at that.  

Just now, I had to read a long letter, open a spreadsheet, adjust it and then read more pages that pretty much said the same thing. Then there was a diagram chart, and another page that pretty much repeated itself.  All that and they had nothing for me as far as the samples went.  Just a bunch of poorly-taken pics that I needed to describe in great detail (copy).  

It was almost an hour of my life but I could have been doing something else in the meantime.

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