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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Those Lovely Government Employees

Recently, my home internet was turned off not long after a major job ended.  Things are extra tight and I'm about ready to wave the white flag on things.

So off to Starbucks and the library I go for their free internet.  

Before I found that my Wi-fi piece works OK, I struggled trying to balance client feedback, production and getting more work in less than the 2-hour allotted time.

You know that one flash drive that pretty much has your entire life on it.  Well, this one not only has my business but that of my clients.

Due to some buttwipe hacking and coughing all over the place during one of my last library visits, I left in a serious rush.  Of course, the flash drive was left behind but since they were about to close, I figured it would be safe.

So I go this Monday right after they open and ask some guy at the checkout desk that looks like an ugly DeBarge brother with a long, silky ponytail if it's been turned in..

His response is that he hasn't seen anything.

If this were my roommate, I would have torn him another one but since he's the one with the power (I did work at a school library once), I let it go.

Later, I ran into people who were more enthused about their city job and of course, it was there next to Mr. Pony Tail.

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