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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wal-Mart Employee Hell 2012

If you've been enjoying the Olympic games, here's something that hopefully doesn't become a sport - chasing after possible thiefs!

Now, I'm not talking about your own storefront, though this is why insurance helps.  What I'm speaking of is a Wal-Mart employee who didn't chase after someone on foot - but got behind the wheel of his car and decided to run the youth (who had a change of heart at the last minute) down in the parking lot.

Oy vey!

Now since the change of hosts, I haven't had much to say about these people and I hate to admit that I did patronize them out of necessity twice this year.  Yes, they serve a purpose.  Yes, they support Chinese labor and buy readily and are possibly one of the major declines in our (US) economy.  Let's not mention how they treat women in management.

In other words, they suck as an employer!

So risking my life, that of another person's and facing legal action are hardly worth CD's and other here-today, gone-tomorrow items.

Got a message for dude...it's not "your store"...it's the Walton Family's store and it will NEVER be your store, no matter how hard you work.

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