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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Seeing Red with Green Light Articles

I wrote a while ago that this company contacted me but there was never any work in the queue.  Well, for the past couple of months, I got work but it's the pay that's been inconsistent.

Here's the scenario.  Writers get to pick articles from the dashboard and work on them immediately.  Whether the word count is 400 or 1000, there is about 4-5 hours to draft, proof and submit articles.

Clients may want keywords and others may have other requirements but this is seldom.

One client rejected my work without explanation (1/28/12) and my request for an explanation has remained unanswered to this day. Booo!

So these people remained on my tertiary list, joining London Brokers and TB as a place to go between private clients.  However, unlike the latter two, GLA has a $20 payout instead of $10.

The upside to this is when they are hot, this can be made in little time but...

Since writing, paydays have been Fridays, Saturdays and even Wednesdays.  Even though some companies like Content Blvd. pay late on Friday evening PST, I can still wake up Saturday morning and find something in PP.

As of recent, this has not been the case with GLA.  When I made my minimum payout BEFORE the end of last week, there was no money.  So I waited until Wednesday.  Still nothing.  The following Friday I inquired because I know that sometimes people make honest mistakes.

I also know that most payment systems can be overridden to remit payments ASAP.  So why is it taking more than 2 weeks to send a measly $20?

I'll ask their VP Julien, when they are bought out by another company that respects their writers more.

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