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Monday, July 1, 2013

Work For Free...Legal or Necessary?

Until recently, I was slated to do some volunteer work with Taproot Foundation.  Originally, I was stoked because this would mean expanding my network but as the day of orientation drew closer...and the urging to pay off rent arrears became less aggressive...I had too much paying work to do.

Then I received an email over the weekend that the CEO, Aaron Hurst was leaving, effective July 1, 2013.

This is not to say that people can or should not change but the change in today's work climate has left many to wonder what to expect as we get older.  

Is there a benefit when we give away labor?   Courtesy of Yahoo.

Is it worth it to gain experience over formal education since tuition rates are going through the roof?  Should you give away valuable skills for the sake of making a name in a particular industry?  What is a good name when you are not far from receiving an unlawful detainer from your landlord?

The answer seems simple...just work (for $) and make everything else secondary, or tertiary.  But for how long?

Only a handful of telecommute assignments leave enough money to contribute to an IRA or other high-interest savings account. Then there are medical surprises.  Family or household issues.  Times when you need several mad money accounts in order to take care of a debt.

I've had about two of those matters happen to me and I sometimes wish I could have taken back my time teaching e-commerce at a women's shelter.  While it had some value as well as personal gratification, knowing that my efforts were underestimated by the person in charge and that technology has changed so greatly since then makes me wonder if it was time well spent.

However, whatever time and money I've spent trying to achieve "the good life", those who have donated hours, spent thousands on 4+ year degrees, and living at home with parents going though a similar struggle as myself may have more to lose as time passes.

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