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Friday, October 4, 2013

Is This "All" It Takes to Work in Hollyweird?

Yesterday, while I waited to receive my discharge papers so I could be free of incompetent county nurses (not all but most) who mistook me for a pin cushion, the banal Queen Latifah Show was on.

She had Marina Shifrin on, the latest of content creators who decided to make an 'I Quit' video for their boss and find their 15 minutes.  

Now, my beef is that Dana/Queen Latifah should appreciate those who work carefully to not burn bridges when it comes to their career.  As a minority, she should at least have an understanding of the struggles that still plague women today.

Now I like Dana as she has represented women well for nearly 25 years.  Though I heard why she had to turn into a big loaf of white bread with mayo, I was shocked by her attempt to suddenly become hip...I guess.

In other words, there is a way to do things...so why is this bitch being rewarded (on TV nonetheless) with a job in the industry?

Sorry but she's got my post-surgery staples out of order. I get the fact that Dana wants somebody creative on her team.  Okay, being the right place at the right time is important. I get it.  However, when things don't go the baby's way...is she going to dance her way out again?  

Or is there some behind-the-scenes action the public does not "know" about?

These days, many people need their jobs and I've spent countless hours trying to find a way to move on gracefully.  Haven't you?

Oh yeah, Shifrin also wants a career in comedy.  HA!  From what I heard yesterday, I'd rather wait for Lucille Ball to rise from the grave and go back 50+ years before I pay to see this lady.

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