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Monday, November 11, 2013

Those Lovely Amazon Commenters

Don't get me wrong!  I love these guys.  However, there are some people that take Amazon as the gospel.  Here's something that happened to me recently.

I got called for a job as a part-time marketing assistant for a music publishing company.  Of course, I think glamour right away but this was hardly the case.
The first thing that bugged me was that they stood me up on Skype but things happen so I agreed to being rescheduled.

When interview time came, I had to use the newer laptop for a video conference instead of text chat.  Maybe it was my fault for having work that was suited for my desktop (Vista) instead of just getting a larger Win 7 laptop.

Okay, so this whole thing is about selling acoustic guitar lessons and they want to know what can I contribute?

Hell if I know.  You reached out to me - twice!

So I mention the blog here and the fact that I'm from LaLaLand where there's a musician on every corner.

Unfortunately, this was good enough for them.

So there's a lot of talking about upcoming products but no data, no demo or anything else to go on.  So I take a look around and realize something.

I'm being paid to lie on Amazon.

So I got the hell out.

I don't need money that bad.  

AMZ has saved me money in rare movies, textbooks, and so much more in the past decade that I could never risk my rep like that.  In my discoveries, I found many people do not feel the same as I.

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