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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Content Blvd...Now You See Them..Now You Don't (as much)

I heard about this wonderful little content submission site over a year ago.  Impressive was the fact that they were local to me (Los Angeles), didn't require applicants to complete a 500-word sample (big rip-off), nor did they spend a lot of time passing judgment if your submission did not make the final cut.

And they paid on time and much more than other content sites people use between clients!

So what happened, you ask?  Like they said in the seventies, search me because all I remember was being a little inundated with work from private clients as well and when that dried up, the format at Content Blvd. had changed. No more selecting a topic to write about or suggesting one.

Back in November, my login did not work the same and Erica (?) suggested that I check back in Nov. but things looked like they were in a new format that was not user friendly.

Oh well, will return with new leads and more 411.

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