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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Getting Around to Expand Your Business

Many of us freelancers enjoy the online opportunities that are out there.  However, we also know there are many prospects that are offline.  The question is how do we get to them and still find time to work effectively?

Unless a person lives in an area with reasonable public transportation, they need a car to get around so they can visit prospective clients.  Though gas costs a pretty penny, look at networking events, cold-calling and other methods as an investment.

It is also a good idea to look into full coverage auto insurance that does not break the bank.  Many companies out there offer flexible payment plans and will give a fair quote on your used vehicle.  Like anything else sold online, cheap insurance can be found for almost pennies on the dollar with companies that are reputable and rank high in customer satisfaction.

The first step to expanding your business is to determine what type of company or individual you want to do business with.  Find out what their needs our and analyze whether you can meet or exceed those needs better than the competition.  Write down 3-5 of these, so they may be included in your elevator pitch.

Develop your elevator pitch by condensing what you can do for them in 30 seconds or less.  Once you have a couple of drafts that will work in a social setting, try to memorize at least one.  Remember to look for a reaction so you will know whether to continue selling services or let the receiver lead the conversation.

Create promotional documents that may be handed out in person or online.  Some people may go with a whitepaper or newsletter but the objective is to make it unique and as fitting to your brand as possible.  Be prepared to give these away both online and offline.

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