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Friday, April 18, 2014

A Way to Beat Writer's Block and Get Paid for It!

Right now, I'm in a position where I really want to write and am working on a new concept in content writing but my days are unpredictable with this chemo thing.  Normally, I deal with writer's block by doing the following -

  • Rewriting old articles
  • Reading an industry trade that is unfamiliar to me
  • Recycle old articles as sources to cite
  • Look up new words in a vocabulary builder

Not real exciting but its effective for me.  Now, the other thing than can start the creative juices is comment posting. Small business issues, celebrities, and personal interests are things I can talk about for hours.  If this is you, click here to see how anyone can Earn Money Posting.  There are many moneymaking opportunities that not only pay via PayPal but allow flexibility so if you get that wonderful client but need a break, this is the perfect place to get it without pressure.

Earn Money Posting in Forums

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