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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Great Resource Book and a Place to Avoid

If I find leads in other things besides writing, I will post them here.  Right now, I have no active sponsors so these are true accounts with no monetary gain attached.

Though the cover title is different from the search title, this Kindle book is less than $4 and has plenty of resources.  Not limited to writing or surveys, there are gems (inside over 700 leads) that may lead to passive income or lazy revenue.  Now, from reading the reviews, the author may or may not be Pat Flynn.  Also, I personally cannot attest to whether a person can make $28K monthly.

One place where you may be lucky to make $28 is PayLoadz.  I signed up for the free digital upload program during the early days of my 'zine.  Made zero sales but I didn't have much of a marketing strategy other than placing a few random links on my blog posts.  Well, they contacted me with an invite to join their paid program.  Problem is they never told me how much everything would cost until the end when I got tired of chasing links .  Here are several accounts from former users.

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