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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

YCN No More!

Just got an email from Yahoo Contributors Network announcing that they are shutting down shop effective, July 31, 2014.

I guess all good things come to an end.  Going all the way back to the Associated Content days, it seems there was nowhere for good content to go but up.  Though the name changes have been a bit much to keep up with, there is nothing like revenue payments for search engine quality articles.

Maybe you're like me where you may see YCN's closure as way to improve removed articles (the email indicates that there will be some exceptions) and sell them to another content company.

Thing is, that it seems content companies come and go at a breakneck pace these days.  While some say the only place a person can call home is a personal blog, hosting changes can affect one's income as I am still in battle with GoDaddy.com.

Thoughts?  Ideas?  I'm here all weekend as I have online summer school!


  1. Oh no, I didn't get that e-mail from YCN. I'm not from the US and I've only had one article published so far. Could that be why I didn't receive this e-mail? I'd found YCN to be a really good platform to learn and grow as their editing team is really strict. It's kind of sad that they're closing down. Could you share with me the content hubs do you know of?

  2. I didn't find their editing team strict at all, but it was the only place I could publish sample articles that looked somewhat respectable. Now I have to find another platform that my clients won't cringe at when they see samples.