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Friday, August 22, 2014

Latest 411 in Content Writing

For those of you that are still getting used to Yahoo Contributor Network disappearing, I just got an email announcing that HubPages and Squidoo were merging.

I sort of remember trying Squidoo years ago and from what I recall, they had "lenses", which were a synopsis of different subjects (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

Now, HubPages I do remember and once had a good relationship with them.  However, I guess around the time I began to get private clients was when they decided to change their requirements so as to comply with Google's new/revised algorithm.  What I do remember is that most of my articles got pulled (after years of being public) because they weren't long enough and did not have enough accompanying images.  We couldn't come to mutual terms so I recently pulled the articles.

As far as other venues go, I'm working on a list of hot leads as I'm typing.

One thing I can say is that maybe not all paid places are bad. I heard about FlexJobs on Real Ways to Earn Money Online and another blog I can't remember.  Anyway, they told the truth about some of the FlexJobs leads being visible online for free.  However, they are not all CL ads and the service does save some time.  They have monthly, 3-month and yearly options and I think the yearly is under $30.  I used the promo code SAVE30 to get 30% off the membership price.  One thing that have to add is that skills tests are free and navigating  their site is very easy.

On the flip side, I've had a freelance.com account for years and recently, I upgraded to their paid option.  Not only does a person have to pay for each skills exam but they have a dozen annoying windows, pop-ups, constant email reminders that go out more than once a day...and the cheapest clients.  I just finished IM someone who wasn't paying much (ok, it's seo and not a tech paper), wanted a superfast turnaround (it's possible but on my terms...please don't monopolize my hours) and wanted for me to worker earlier than when the coffee kicks in (only for an hourly job as this was a flat fee).

As they used to say, back to the drawing board.

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