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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hate Your Job? Work Hard with No Appreciation? Share on a New Zine!

There is a new zine on the rise and it sounds awesome!  Clockpuncher is similar to Work in Hell's old blog format where people talk about co-workers (or bosses) that made earning a living sheer hell.  Here are the details that Adrienne sent me recently -
Hey dudes!
I'm working on a zine called Clockpuncher, which is all about finding ways to prioritize creative pursuits when you work an imagination-sucking 9-to-5 job. I'm looking for any submissions that fit the general theme.
Examples of content that would be appropriate:
- Practical tips and tricks for squeezing creative endeavours into your day
- Personal stories and narratives (in any format.. essays, comics, poems, etc.)
- ART. Send me your art.
- Honestly, the zine is about creativity, so I'm not going to stifle yours. Send me whatever floats your boat.
I will send a copy to everyone who contributes. Please submit to adrienne.weatherston@gmail.com by March 22!

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