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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Improve Your Blogging Game for Free

My uncle once told me investing is better than spending!
Let me tell you something.  I can start a blog based on the many crappy writing books on Amazon.  Over the holidays I got a Kindle Fire and literally went insane with e-books that were supposed to help me.  Though many were cheap, others that costs a few dollars really added up over a period of a couple of months.

So recently I met Shawn through Postloop, who runs SeriousBloggers.com.  This is a friendly site with a decent layout and no judgment passed about how much (or little) people are making from other posters.  Best of all, Shawn knows of what he speaks and is not jumping on bandwagons while chasing content mills that pay pennies.

He also runs the Blogging University, which is offering FREE courses in March.  These are short and focus on the art of creating interesting posts and uploading better photos or artwork.  I have signed up and encourage this over spending 5.99 on a Kindle book with great ratings (probably paid for by the "author") that may or may not help your blogging game,

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