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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Making Better Money Decisions in the New Year

We all know about things like clipping coupons, using rebates on purchases, and simply cutting back on expenses, which can save the average person hundreds, if not thousands, a year!  By adding supplemental income, people can pay off bills, make a major purchase, or save for a rainy day.

But one way that people are giving away money is by commenting on forum posts.  Often online posters share their opinions on different topics not realizing that marketers, publicists, and others are using this relevant feedback to promote their products.  As a Marketing major, I can tell you this is a lot of money, so why not get in on the profits?
Anyone can earn money posting in the comfort of their own home, on the road, or anywhere that has an internet connection.  You can arrange your hours with NO minimum or maximum required to get paid the same day!
The great thing about this job is that posters are required to converse in everyday English and provide feedback that is free of profanity, defamatory content, or anything that is not conducive to marketing research.
There are a wide range of topics that anyone can give their opinion about -

  • ·         Celebrity gossip
  • ·         Cooking
  • ·         Current news
  • ·         Politics
  • ·         Small Business
  • ·         Special Interests/Hobbies
  • ·         Sports
  • ·         Technology
Earn Money Posting in Forums

Once a person gains a strong reputation for making relevant posts, other positions like forum moderation can lead to additional ways to make money at home. 
After completing a short trial, anyone can begin earning through PayPal!
So instead of wasting money at the club this weekend or seeing an overpriced movie, learn the art of chat while getting paid.

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