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Sunday, February 8, 2015

So...How Does a Person Get Out of Working in Hell?

In the past few years, people have asked why did I get into this and the answer was really simple...I wanted to.  This is not to say that transitioning was fun but I did have some help along the way.

Here are some basic ways to get started and most of these are cheap.

  • Go to the local or internet library.  Actually, the bigger is best when it comes to resources and possibly getting resources that can help save money.  For instance, my big library (downtown Los Angeles) has free workshops for things like small business funding, operations, e-book publishing and screenwriting.  Both systems (city and County) give patrons free access to ed2go.com and Universal Class.  I can speak on the latter and it's a crap shoot as far as actual learning goes.  Not a complete waste of time but the local adult school or college extension may be a better value.

  • If you're changing fields, it helps to go free or low-cost before going all they way.  For instance, there are places to improve data entry skills so a person can work at home as a virtual assistant or data entry clerk. Unless it is a field with high possibilities (like costume design or financial

  • Save your money.  Start with brown bagging and keep going from there. Once you have at least $500 at your disposal, you can begin operating on a shoestring budget while maintaining regular employment.  If there is a loss, you can re-trace your steps and start over again.  This is why some start as low as $100, which is enough to get a web package from most hosting services.

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