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Friday, December 11, 2015

Use Caution When Online Job Hunting...Predators Have No Shame (Updated)

Real talk...no sponsors here.  I got a book of writing leads from the library last week.  It had good info but I also had finals.  My last was today and I'm going through the websites listed on How to Publish Your Articles (2002) and most of them were no good (AVOID buying this book)
When your computer stops working and there's a weird message...turn that mofo off immediately!
When I got to what I thought would be the last of 404 and domain for sale messages, the screen began flashing and a lady on a recording kept repeating for me to call the toll-free number (855.790.8386).  The window remained open and listed both Microsoft (I just upgraded to 10) and my ISP in the contents of the warning message.  

No matter how many times I tried to close, nothing happened.

So I call the number and the first thing I asked was had I reached Microsoft.  In 25 years, I thought I'd seen it all but my spidey senses went off when they replied "Yeah, uuh...." before trailing into a mumble about being sort of an affiliate.

After allowing remote access, I got some double-talk about me having a nice computer but I had too much going on and I can take it to my local Best Buy or whatever for about $350 (wow, memory upgrades are that high, LOL).  Or...wait for it...I can give these people my credit card and they will only charge me $250...to do something.

I guess since they were only masquerading as MS, they couldn't give me a diagnosis that may or may not have my financial information or other personal info.  Anyway, all I did was a cold shut down and the problem went away.  This is the second time this has happened and while I'd like to blame Windows 10, the truth is people are finding new ways of scaring users into giving up their credit card when the online fun has come to a seemingly permanent pause.

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