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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Career Change or Make Extra Money in the New Year

Besides losing weight, earning more money is often in the Top 5 New Years resolutions.  While
dropping the pounds may take discipline and effort, it takes time to find a match that will help grow your bank account.

These days, the road to success and career satisfaction can be achieved through a variety of methods.  No longer does a person need to attend a 2- or 4- year institution, or even an expensive trade school.

However, you may like (or at least appreciate) your current job but want something else.  Here are a couple of options to consider that require no upfront fees.

  1. Help someone in need.  Nonprofit groups, hospitals, care facilities, government agencies and even public schools appreciate anyone who’s willing to donate their time.  Websites like VolunteerMatch has a huge database of in-person and virtual opportunities. 

Positions range from clerical and professional positions to those that call for physical labor.  The latter can be a good choice for anyone who wants to lose weight but is not ready to commit to gym membership fees.  If you’re considering a career change, this may help you get your feet wet in a new line of work.

     2.  Perform online tasks for money.  There is a great number of online opportunities that anyone can do from home, a mobile device or even a public computer.  The majority require minimal skills and some online merchants are willing to train those that meet specific criteria.

Forum posting, user testing, and search engine evaluation are just a few paid online work positions that people can do as little or as much as they want.  There are also websites that lists companies needing short task workers.  This information can be found for free on most websites and most just require an active PayPal (or similar) account.

You get the idea here by now.  If you keep busy, you aren’t as likely to think about those tempting habits that have obviously placed you in an uncomfortable space.  Even if these seem lame or redundant, it’s a helluva lot better than pigging out or overspending at the mall.

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