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Friday, January 1, 2016

Good and Bad of Demand Video Tutorials

You probably know at least 95 ways off the top of your head!
As you know, video marketing is an excellent way to create an audience to see your wares.  It's also inexpensive (TIP: Unless you're going to work for a corporation, you can do 90% of Adobe Premiere's basic functions on Movie Maker...which is FREE) if you are familiar with editing images or digital publishing basics.  Of course, with the right timing, you can drive sales overnight.

However, when it comes to the consumer, it helps to take a look from their POV.  Trends change, and this includes technology and lifestyle automation.  So, you would think that a large organization like Writer's Digest would take this into consideration, right?  I thought so too but found my money gone down the drain.

My mom (who's now retired) bought this book a while ago.  Because the title is intriguing, I inadvertently bought a copy for myself a couple of years ago.  I've learned the hard way to not pay regular price for anything more than a couple of years old (this was published in 2010) and despite good reviews on Amazon, a new copy can be purchased for less than $5.  While not bad, we weren't impressed, as they're not sharing anything that can't be found online for free.  Writer's Digest sells this for $15 in Jan. 2016.

As I digress, my point is that I bought a video tutorial, Breaking into Corporate Writing was based on this book, which I wasn't aware of at first.  When I got an email about a 50% Holiday sale, I jumped on it.  Turned out to be a huge letdown, as it included the preliminary sound check  and some other dialogue in the first 5 minutes.  The only thing that might qualify as a USP in the 40 mins had to do with running a home office.  $35 gone down the drain.  As of today, WD has not posted my honest review but they did reduce the regular price of $70.
After spending $250, I'm not the happy figure.

My second experience was with Mediabistro.  Never heard any live person say they were good or bad...just expensive.  However, I've enjoyed their job leads, which are free to anyone that joins.  And they've been around for a minute so there's a good chance they're legit.

Another holiday 50% off video tutorials and I chose two.  Now I had no idea at first that this was the format because the same classes were advertised but with a schedule (which I wasn't sure I'd be able to commit).  Four weeks of Advanced Copywriting for $385 was a steep gamble, especially since I have my degree (minus one credit) in Merchandising.  Additionally, I took an Advertising class at UCLA Extension (go Bruins!), which at $345 for seven weeks was worth the money.  It's just that I like to stay ahead of client demands.

The Advanced Copywriting covered what my community college Advertising class covered, maybe even less.  I just took into account that maybe my experience took something away *shrugs*.  But I did like the Digital Journalism course.  Maybe because it was my first time in a journalism class since middle school.

My suggestion would be to stick with known educational institutions instead of proprietary brands.  The advertising instructor at SMC (pre-2016) was pretty awesome and a lot of colleges work with Ed2Go at a reduced price.  Some libraries offer Ed2Go, Lynda and Universal Class to card holders in good standing.

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