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Friday, January 1, 2016

If Saving Money is Your 2016 Resolution, then Check this Out

The many joys that come with freelancing that you may have heard or read about, one thing is often eliminated.  How you treat money (especially in the first year or two of operation) will drastically change from the time you punched a clock. 

Because I always wanted to punch somebody when I had to suit up, clipping coupons, buying in bulk and waiting for clearance sales were the norm in my temp life.  Freelancing for me is an extreme version of feast or famine, except I can't collect unemployment when a job ends.

Fortune gives us basic but solid advice for budgeting now and for the future, which we all know comes at rapid speed after age 35.  However, there are a few things the freelancer should consider since the world of work is changing.  For better or worse, what worked for our parents is not the same protocol today.

This video is for laughs only.  

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