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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Top 4 Free Work at Home Sites

When I wasn’t studying for my pesky math requirement for college last year, I was perusing ads for new places to write and get other online work.  Effective in February, there will be a sidebar of seemingly legit (and free) sites to find long and short-term work in the virtual world.

These were judged by upload time, layout, and current data available.  Hopefully, there will be more to come in the New Year but here my review and a link.

All Stay at Home – this has the best layout and the most categories since many who work online have multiple streams of income.  I found out about many legit leads in other lines of online work.

Penny Hoarder- this is another site with a wealth of information and leads that include ways to save on purchases and everyday items.  Not a fan of scrolling images but I’ll take it over big text blocks any day.
Real Ways to Earn Money Online – Blog owner Anna T. gives an honest take on companies and anything she doesn’t know, she will take the time to insert a Glassdoor (or similar) link for readers to gauge for themselves.  Also, like ASH, she has an incredible database that’s updated regularly.

Workers on Board – this site offers two benefits.  Besides an extensive database that is broken down into many categories, visitors can earn money by posting their online work experiences.  Just sign up here and after going through a quick pre-employment assessment, you can get paid to post your opinions on this site as well as many others of your choice.   The first step is just to eliminate those who have limited conversational English and spammers.  As far as I know, this site uses PayPal only.

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