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Monday, January 11, 2016

Scary Hotel Worker Memes

My ex-fiance worked in the hospitality industry on and off for years.  While it had some perks, some were downright shady.  Though he had his moments (like stealing an industrial size bag of Starbucks coffee...especially when we had more than enough money to pay retail).  So here's the other side but I gotta secret to share.

If you live in the L.A. area and work in retail or the service industry, you may want to pay attention.  Since 2006, I have worked off and on as a mystery shopper.  Not to brag but I'm kind of good at it.  I have industry certification and can hang with filling out those overly-detailed forms and take decent photos.  I get a lot (like about 20) requests daily to perform an audit on banks, hotels and restaurants, along with many high-end retail stores.  So never assume that the man isn't watching.

Anyway, courtesy of Women's Day, here's what some hotel workers are really up to.  Oh yeah, if you hate your job as much as these people, just go into another line of work.

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