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Friday, January 29, 2016

When Work at Home Gets Tough

Maybe you’ve been at this and you’re very successful – so much that you don’t feel right trusting someone else.  Or, you are finding your rhythm but barely keeping up with bills.  As working at home is becoming a new ways of life for many, adjustments must be made to stay afloat.  
While the monotony of performing a single task on a salaried job is history, sometimes keeping different functions going (production, marketing, and clerical tasks) can be draining after a while.  If you have an assistant, this can be good or ….?

Unless a person knows that an assistant will hang in there through feast and famine, just the thought of getting an email stating their resignation can give one pause.  So the best thing to do is stop and find out what small areas can be worked on while you’re tackling the big projects.  Catching things early can also help in matters where a large order or sudden increase in sales has taken over your work at home life.

Here are some simple suggestions for getting ahead so you can take time for self -

  • Keep a notepad or small calendar to take notes on hand at all times.  This can be to record ideas, set deadlines or milestones.  The idea here is to reduce time in front of computer screen and enjoy fresh air.
  • Make a schedule if you haven’t started already.  Some may look at this as stifling the creative process but staring blankly into a screen, or worse, visiting recreational websites during work time can make matters worse.
  • Keep a stash of fresh content nearby.  For those who work mostly online, keeping engagement going for marketing and promotional purposes is a challenges.  Instead of running to an outsourcing company and going through a screening process, upload quality content with good keyword balance that can be quickly tailored and ready to go.
  • Take advantage of scheduling posts.  While some want to keep up with trends as they happen when it comes to social networking and promotion.  Programs like Hootsuite can save time by having the popular social networks accessible within one website.
  • Find a marketing assistant early in the game.  Not all virtual assistants are the same, some have paid experience in fields like healthcare, real estate and other reputable professions.  Networks like the Virtual Assistants League has a plethora of individuals who care about bringing quality work to their clients because their reputation depends on it.

What it comes down to is that starting over can be hard.  Many have done it and few have come back stronger than ever but it’s amazing how small changes, as well as timing, can make the difference.

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