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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Average Help is Hard to Find

This is a true story that is kind of funny.  Last week, my elderly aunt went missing.  She got in her vehicle to drive to my cousin's home but never arrived.  She's been going through some things that come with age but refused to let age stop her from getting around.

After several days of waiting and fearing the worst as days passed, a Silver alert was put out by local police.  My family in TX had to take a crash course in Media 101 to get the story to the local news and social media.  Then it happened.

A nurse at an Arlington hospital just happened to have the news on TV when my aunt's face flashed across the screen.  That face matched the face of a new patient the staff only knew as "Vi".

The story is that my aunt missed the freeway off-ramp, got lost and ended up at the hospital after getting involved in a hit-and-run.  The other driver got away and she wasn't hurt but was taken by ambulance as a precaution.

Upon arrival, my aunt's memory was on leave so she couldn't give staff her full name or the name of the nearest living relative.  As the days passed, my aunt had food, shelter, and a place to lay her head - for several days.  No questions asked.

She told us that she wouldn't let staff hold her purse and the police was never called.  No one gave thought as to whether this woman has a family or loved ones.  My aunt has an easygoing disposition and was probably nice to have around but who does this?  I suggested that the staff open her belongings in her presence but by this time, she was found and the Silver Alert cancelled..

While the thought of being able to crash somewhere under the condition of no questions asked may be nice.  However, due diligence would have saved the hospital money as well as the nerves of her loved ones.

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