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Monday, March 7, 2016

Looking to Sharpen Your Developer or IT Skills?


While looking for some leads for my biz, I ran across an ad for Girl, DevelopIT! in one of those feminist magazines and here's the summary -

They have chapters in most major cities and offer hands-on computer training for everyone (yes, men are invited).
  • Most classes are evenings and weekends.
  • The prices are low and there are scholarships available as well as volunteer opportunities where one can earn a free class.
These classes have a laid-back, no pressure vibe and if someone is looking to get into web development or just understand web languages like HTML and CSS better, I'd recommend this over most colleges and some vocational schools don't offer the advanced stuff like AJAX, JavaScript and Perl training.

I took the FTP class a couple of weeks ago and so far, I haven't been pressured to join any groups (they have a Meetup page) or buy anything else.

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