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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What "Watch the Stove" Taught Us About Social Media

Who'd ever thought a staple that goes back for decades could present a fresh concept in how we present social media postings?
Fast. Affordable. Lends itself well to variations like bacon and mushrooms. But Hamburger Helper as a rapper? At first, I thought about intellectual property rights that may have been violated. However, it was that cute little white glove drenched in liquid gold that drew me in.

In case you haven't heard, the April Fool's prank was the brainchild of General Foods and Adweek has the details behind the viral mixtape. The five tracks are modern hip-hop influenced rhymes that mostly talk about the Hamburger Helper and cooking in general. If one weren't listening closely to the lyrics, it could easily be mistaken for a Top 40 hit worthy of twerking across the floor.

Since the golden years, the instant casserole has been popular with those who either hate to cook or don't have the time. However, this will most likely present a renewed interest in the budget-friendly meal preparation. Why? Because social media is great at sharing good news but when it's something really unexpected...people are quicker to hit the share button.

Before you dig up your lost poetic efforts and set them to music, consider how your brand could benefit from sending your followers a nice surprise. Has content gone stale? Is your cat tired of being photographed because you heard pets with paws were the hot trending thing three years ago? Maybe your inner thespian is ready to come out in a video marketing campaign you've been toying around with.
Remember, the opportunities are endless.

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