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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Content Writing Company Tea

Over the weekend, I got a very interesting email from Express Writers.  I applied once and really don't remember whether I was accepted because I never get work offers but I get plenty of solicitations for service.  Back then, it was nothing for me to not note why I didn't get accepted or receive work but the following may give past applicants or contractors some insight -
Hi clients and friends,

Express Writers has been around since early 2011, and in the past three years we relied on two people we came to believe were of the highest quality and work ethic: Annie and Alecs Ianko, our Content Manager and Accounts Manager.

Turns out, they're not.

We had to terminate them last night after a company audit revealed they were notating fake work amounts for more than a year, and stealing untold amounts of dollars. For instance, in one day Annie recorded that she'd edited 30,000 words when she actually edited a 400-word piece; this turned into weeks and weeks of fake records of work. She was paid for all these inflated numbers for more than a year. Besides this, she's been responsible for hiring editors that were purposefully placing typos within content (and being paid). Who knows what inspired those negative actions. Annie and Alecs Ianko are thieves, and should be avoided at all costs; they are running a scam.

We're going to take legal action, but for now, we need to make sure we focus on the problem at hand. We are hiring and training an experienced replacement today (Mother's Day weekend currently on hold), and we're reaching out to all of you because Annie has already mass emailed several people with false information. I want you to know the truth from me.

If you've seen any kind of poor content delivered to you by our team at Express Writers in the past month or two, I personally apologize and ask that you reply, let me know what the quality issue was, and we'll give you a coupon for your next order. Just hit reply; it'll go straight to me.

All in all, this discovery, although hard, is an extremely good thing; we'll be able to have a much better eye on our quality and enforce great writing standards. This comes on the heels of our upcoming major re-launch, where we pay writers nearly double and have a custom built ordering system that answers most of the frustrations we've heard from you in the past year.

Enjoy your weekend, and rest assured that Express Writers has the quality of your content at heart! We're inspired to work harder than ever now.
The above is from the CEO, Julia, who follows later with an update on the replacements - one being a content specialist without a college degree.  I may try applying again and will let you know how that went.

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