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Monday, May 16, 2016

Is Being Overdressed at Work that Bad?

Better than underdressed, right?

Over the weekend, I took a glance at my local A.M. news and noticed that the weather girl on KTLA was either just leaving, or on her way to the club.  She didn't look bad but the sequined little black dress seemed out of place.  She was later given a sweater that looked itchy and until she worked some kind of magic, seemed shapeless.  This story has spread worldwide because this "drama" allegedly played out on the air, including encouraging her to put on a sweater. Courtesy of Bossip.

Now, I've been in situations where I didn't have the right clothes for the office.  Most common is not only working long hours but a noticeable distance from home and not having the energy to wash or pick up my dry cleaning.  One situation also included having new neighbors that tied up the machines until late.  By the time I considered getting a compact washing machine for the service porch, they moved out.

Once a good acquaintance applied for a customer service job at DirecTV in the late 90s and wore a cocktail dress to the panel interview.  Now if she had a straight, simple sleeveless thing like Liberte Chan, it might have been okay but her ruffled, satiny thing only screamed prom throwback.

The only thing I can recommend for someone short on cash is to visit their local Dress for Success facility.  I interned at the L.A. location last year and there are many offerings.  Now most who qualify for free work clothes must be referred by an agency but a few times a year, they have sales to the public where no item is more than $20.

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