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Friday, June 10, 2016

Fast Food/Retail Work in Hell

 My heart goes out to anyone who can have a real career in hospitality or service industry.  Even though it seems to have growth now that many chains are getting on the "healthy"side of eating, some jobs may not be worth it.  Especially when having to deal with customers that have been drinking or had an exceptionally bad day and choose to take it out on the person that's most vulnerable.

Courtesy of Bossip, one Taco Bell worker got so unhinged that he decided to rip the skin off a customer with allegedly obnoxious behavior.

Back when Broadway was converting to Macy's on the West Coast, my play aunt had a hard time dealing.  Her store at the time was located in one of the worst malls in Southern California (Hawthorne Plaza has since closed down) and it was so bad that they pretty much let go of much-needed security.  The mall was practically vacant except for the Payless Shoes and Broadway, which was marking their goods 75-90% off.

My play aunt had a mouth and attitude to match so when a young lady decided to get sassy, she read her to her face.  Not nice but if you're a sales clerk about to be laid off with no other prospects, you might come undone too.

So tomorrow's a new day, right?  Nope.  This little skank had to take things to a whole new level.  Calling my aunt not only on the job but at her home with constant threats.  Now you know that's no way for an elderly woman to live.

All I can is that say is even if the future looks bleak, once you clear your sinuses of greasy food or that weird smell all Subways have, you'll smell the rainbow. #notskittles

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