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Friday, September 30, 2016

Ticket to Work and the CSU System

After a little research, Michelle and I found a college extension training program that was short-term and didn't cost much ($1200).  A new program at the Dominguez Hills campus was called Convergence Media (now Social Media Marketing).  In short, there were a couple of concerns in regard to books but as long as the state took care of my transportation, I would pay out of pocket.

I should've known the class was BS when the instructor bragged about Hackathon, her 1980s sitcom writing credits, and just her...period.  To her credit, I did learn some things about creative writing and she wasn't a mean person...just different. I'd taken a copywriting class just weeks earlier at UCLA Extension and it was like comparing a capon to Church's chicken.  Being that Michelle was hearing impaired and her translator seemed to look less than happy anytime I'd visited, I just finished the 9-week class and got a certificate

So, I signed up in March '15, started the class in August and finished in early November.  The instructor gave me her sinusitis, which made me feel bad but I was determined to not make disability a lifestyle.  So I played ball by going to all the little requirements that Dept of Rehab needed.  By this time, I managed to get a rapport going with Michelle's translator so it can only get better, right?

Nope...not at all!
By this time, the office merged with another office and Michelle told me that she was retiring.  She shrugged when I told her about the class and rewarded me with a completed Schedule A (federal government jobs) and LEAP certification (state jobs).  She wished me well because there was no replacement but she had things to take care of.  The changes and the fact that she couldn't have been more than 52 years of age let me know it wasn't going to be pretty.

A few weeks later, after realizing that her go-to list was basically a runaround with vague answers (Sound familiar, folks?) , I asked again about NTI.  Chances of me getting another hearing-impaired case manager that reads lips was slim so what could it hurt?  Well, getting no answer hurts when weeks have passed.

Long story short, the matter was forwarded to Michelle's former assistant Ms. Saldana, who then gave me a song and dance about the holidays (which was weeks before Christmas) and told a couple of lies.  A follow up led me to the person in charge when I inquired about leaving and when I told the district offices what was happening.

Sorath (real name here) was everyone's boss and wanted to talk after I exposed Ms. Saldana for lying.  I walk in one day and he's basically repeating what's in the TTW brochures.  Additionally, he did kind-of get across why the whole WAH through major companies doesn't fly much in Cali.  Most do not pay enough money but it was his condescending attitude about my wanting respect that got my blood on percolate.  He also promised to look into NTI but I never heard back from him until I'd submitted my formal paperwork to change employer network.

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