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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Training With Ticket to Work, Part 3 of 6

Once my paperwork was approved, it was my job to come in and discuss an action plan.  At the time, things were in limbo because though I scheduled to get my AS in June, I had yet to satisfy my math requirement.  I'd gotten a tutor but while going to school I also had an internship, after school credit and still did small writing jobs for clients.  So I was a little burned out on continuing my education further though I'd gotten pre-acceptance from the state university.

However, according to Michelle, this was the best course of action since she said most jobs through the program barely paid more than minimum wage.  There was no more discussion about NTI or any similar Ticket to Work program but the first order of business was a skills assessment.  This was held in Long Beach and every action - including how early I arrived would be monitored - for an entire week.

I was scheduled to start this process right after the graduation ceremony and it was really shameful that the state has to pay money for this waste of time.  I mean, if my work history reflects clerical work, I'm a business major, and have experience running a small business, why do I have to spend hours demonstrating assembly tasks and basic skills. 

It's not like I went to ICDC or ITT Tech Institute...dammit!
So, a week or so later...it's like my resume and everything else says.  My strengths lie in sales (my concentration is Merchandising), customer service, and communications.  Because I'm not exactly a lightweight and the fatigue that comes with chemo, working in retail is not a good fit.  So Michelle, again, suggests continuing my education despite my delaying math (again).

At my school, the Meyer-Briggs and a college counselor suggested I look into photography.  I'd worked as a layout artist ages ago and loved art but when I pointed out a Commercial Digital Photography class near me that I could have paid for with plastic, Michelle shot it down right away.  My assumption is that the class was held at a Regional Occupational Program (ROP) and it would look like going backwards.  Yet, the curriculum included some Adobe software training.  Looking back, I wish I'd cancelled everything right there.

One reason, I chose not to transfer to the Cal State system was that I would have to attend full time.  Originally, I told Michelle that I wanted part-time work if I had to work away from home because of the fatigue.  She just that would be to my disadvantage but never really elaborated as to why.  I know that the Ticket to Work materials say that I can go to school, start a small business or work full or PART time.  *Sigh*

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