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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Video - Signs That Your Days are Numbered at Work

I'm making some updates...as promised, and while navigating content, I ran across this gem.  While I hate they had to use an overweight guy for this, I have seen this scenario play out many times.  The victims just ride it out so they can collect unemployment and plan for the next hustle.  Or see it as a sign to switch careers.

Unfortunately, Number 3 happened to me.  If you remember the old format, I used to talk candidly about lessons learned through my temping years.  Seldom did I give real names of bad bosses because of the obvious karma, some things were my fault, and the fact that some people have really good memories.  

Anyway, almost 9 years ago I returned to temping after taking a break from the public school system.  Things had changed for the worst.  Agencies were seconding people out for jobs with no consistency.  For instance, one data entry job paid $13/hr.  It was 2007, so not the best or worst but weeks later (the company was closing), they offered me an assistant position where phones, double-entry bookkeeping and account analysis were required...for the same wage! NO BUENO.

By the time they sent me the CB Richard Ellis in El Segundo, I had already talked nice to LAUSD so it was a matter of getting paperwork processed.  On the first day, I was seated among the rest of the data entry pool.  However, the brown-noser of the group took me and another person out for lunch.  Not knowing her exact role at the time, I was an open book about my life including living with someone.  I was wrong but I didn't care since I was already prepping myself to wipe the career slate clean with the school system.  

It appeared strange then but it made sense later.  On the second day, the supervisor Allen, placed me not only far away from the group but at the messy cubicle of someone who was on-leave.  Until I was harassed and had to leave, I did my job accordingly but there were many clean cubicles.  Because there was a lot of turnover anyway and I'd had a good record, I was placed elsewhere within 48 hrs. of assignment end.

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