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Monday, February 6, 2017

Ticket to Work and California Pt.5/6

Ticket to Work and the California Worker...A New Year?

Okay, I’m winding this down but here’s the main takeaway.  If a disabled Cali resident cannot work a regular job (with me, the chemotherapy has left me fatigued, with severe sinus trouble resembling hay fever, and my extremities go numb....without warning) but decides to work from home...the system is not designed for you - unless you go back to school


At the beginning of 2016, I was at my wit’s end with the previous employer network (state rehab. agency).  

So I call the TTW Customer Service line and get updated listings for prospects and go with the first listing.  Yes, they accept California residents for WAH jobs.  Yes, they assist in getting a home office setup.  Yes, the transitional money still applies.  Yes, yes, yes.  Enter Carol*.

Fast-talking with a slight drawl, Carol was a chatty one.  Sometimes I had to repeat myself and take notes to ensure I’d heard correctly.  And I’d heard a lot, as closing my file with the state rehab took nearly three months.  By the time we had our first initial intake interview, it was 4/21/2016.  She didn’t sound much older or younger than me (40ish), so the first few words were awkward.

My job was to meet with Carol every other week but outside of registering with one third-party placement agency, nothing happened.  She discouraged me from attending the TTW online job fairs because the forum setup didn’t allow for 1-on-1 conversation.  Though I had summer school, I was hoping that one of the at-home customer service jobs would begin the interviewing process by August.

August came and nothing, so decided to switch gears into government work since my last EN gave me Schedule A and LEAP (California state) certifications.  I’ve got one eyebrow raised because I was told that my computer skills alone qualified me for at-home work.  The final straw came when I set up my USAJobs profile.

Carol told me there was a special way to do this and she needed my password to “clean things up”.  Mind you, I’ve gotten “nice” jobs on my own merit.  After more than 20 years in the workforce, I know how to fill out an application and since my degree is marketing-related, creating an interesting profile is second nature.

After a couple of missed connections, I closed that file without confrontation.  During our last conversation, I told Carol that maybe working at home was not an option since some jobs pay around $10-12 an hour.  She rebuffed me by mentioning the increment raises that would bring me to $14 in no time.  I came back by saying that still really wasn’t enough to live on (not counting my side business) and she returned by saying that some people are more than happy to get this...period.

Okay, I have nothing to do with why studio apartments cost $1000/month in the average crime parts of Los Angeles County.  This is where family lives and I can’t relocate at this stage in life.  Sorry toots(sarcasm)!

Coming next - Where I am today with Ticket to Work

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