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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Why Diversification Helps in Content Writing

What I’ve learned in the past year is that more people are getting hired through their online content.  Not just as professionals or writers but even applicants for entry-level positions are finding that having a positive (yet relevant and non-controversial) online presence gives them an edge over the competition.  The good news is that one doesn’t have to restricted to just blogging or writing SEO-friendly articles for a byline only.

If a person can turn their words into a tutorial, there are many ways to go about this.  There are video tutorials (anyone who doesn’t want to film themselves can just create something quick with Windows Movie Maker), infographics, slide presentations, and more.  There are content sites that accept visual and text submissions.

Another reason why spreading content around is important is - you guessed it - companies close or change their submission policies.  Sometimes with new management, old content is wiped clean from the web without notice and even veteran contributors have to undergo the new submission process in order to get published (see Article Document as a recent example).

So instead of getting mad (because you may be one of those people that signed an agreement without reading the legalese - Non-Disclose. Agreement -  LOL), always be on the lookout for new places to publish your bylined work.  If you don’t have a Google Adsense or Publisher account, get one and find out the many social media sites that will pay-per-click (PPC).  No, it’s not a lot of money but your article ideas can be used other places.

If you consider yourself an industry expert, Experts 1-2-3 (As of July 2017, this is a NO!  Will explain in upcoming post) has a high search rank and authors are given a byline.  You can also post articles to LinkedIn, as their Freelance Marketplace program (a free service) likes to use potential candidates who demonstrate industry knowledge by posting content and/or participating in relevant groups.

Creating a portfolio website is easy.  Some like to go through a service but using a platform like blogger.com, one has more control.  If you can copy and past, creating links and category subheaders is easy.  The best way to add video is to copy, paste and save the embedded image on the HTML or text form.  Look at the layout on the Compose form and make the final edits there.

So if you’re one of the those people who made money from Associated Content, Helium and other companies now in the content graveyard, you know to save those articles on a hard drive.  If that’s not possible, saving live articles as a PDF or text and save on a personal drive.  You can make money from your words as long as they matter to someone.

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