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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Mantra to Adults Returning to College

For many, getting an advanced degree (or your first) is a helluva challenge.  However, when you start seeing more employers wanting a bachelors for a secretary (excuse me...Administrative Assistant), then now is probably time to take stock of what's out there.  Sounds simple huh?

If you come from a generation (or a culture) where you would rather find out things while you're young and PAY LATER, like all karmic events...there's interest to deal with.  You might have a situation where the classes you took during that rough freshman or sophomore year won't transfer to your current career aspiration.  So you have to start over.

Or you could be like me where not only do you fly right upon returning but your landings are smooth enough to make the Dean's List.  Alrighty then.  But...there's a big bump in the road, coupled with another life event that kicks your spirit into the depths of Satan's house.  It happens.

BUT...what if some of the things that are barriers are NOT YOUR FAULT!

While you are looking to better yourself, it's easy to forget that many workers don't have the same enthusiasm.  Not talking about the hard-working accountant that's daydreaming about being a captain on a cruise ship...and it's near the end of the fiscal year.  I'm talking about real simple $hit, like someone who's title is Data Entry Clerk/Specialist/Technician/whatever....and they don't enter your information into the database.  Your transcripts (that you paid to have sent over) are just sitting, not being utilized.


Imagine trying to repeat the above when you are steaming mad, and worse, their mistake may cost you money, in addition to time spent solving the problem.  The great news is there may be a way around your problem.

1. Unless you live in an area that restricts you to attending the nearest college, you can start over somewhere else.  If any serious actions should come up, keep a tight records of all events that led to the final outcome.
2. Additionally, you can save money and time by attending a vocational or continuing ed. school.  However, you should research each institution carefully before enrolling.
3. Try to aim for more positives before working on negatives.  For instance, if your transcript was lost, work on tracking it down and ensure that it reaches the right person.  Note dates, names, and timetables before reporting to a higher authority.

As a bonus, while the road can be discouraging, don't let messages like this cloud your judgement -
Funny but it won't pay your bills!

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