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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Is Profanity the Latest in Water Cooler Talk?

A long time ago, when I was a kid (as in not quite drinking age), I said a profane word at work.  It was a single word.  Loud.  Then silent.  That was how it went  down at a Westside bank on a late Friday afternoon. ATMs had limited capabilities and there was no internet.   I hated my job and home life and had to let off steam.  Somehow when you've beaten a serious illness, you reflect and wonder how you got away with certain things.

One thing that encouraged me was my bosses, who always seemed unhappy to a degree (though some of their anger was focused in my direction), and had no problem spewing profanity, even when things were slow.  It took me a minute to learn  about "decorum" and paying dues in corporate structures.  Even though this situation was my first "work in hell" experience where I wanted to stab my bosses in the eye with a butter knife, I vowed to keep the potty mouth to a bare minimum.  Except for an occasional (but really funny) dirty joke, I've stuck by this for more than 25 years.

Like with popular music, my college experience has changed in terms of using colorful language.  Last year, I got an algebra teacher that sounded like the coach on Legends of Chamberlain Heights.  Problem is that I didn't learn anything and had to drop since there was nothing I said or did to justify his profane comebacks.

Fast forward exactly one year later where I'm taking a similar class but things are not well (see previous post).  Anyway, I'm sitting in class where I'm not only the oldest but possibly older than the instructor.  During a short break, a TA and another student are having a conversation loaded with f-bombs and it seems more like a bar than a classroom.  Hmmm.

Is this is a trend we decrepit (Gen-X and older) folks have to look forward to when millennials become our bosses?

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