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Friday, October 20, 2017

Funniest Facebook Job Listing for 2017

Dubai is a nice place to visit with its wonderful commerce, beautiful architecture and luxurious shopping experience.  The extraordinary party scene draws in crowds like no other.  Many who are familiar with this Arab city, know what old-school profession goes hand-in-hand with hard work.

Personally, I've got nothing against this income stream but it's just that if a nerd like me knows about their escort business, so does everyone else.  So why post a conspicuous-looking ad in Facebook of all places?  As you can see, this is a closed group I belong to that posts a lot of legitimate job opportunities and sometimes offer good advice.

Why is this post suspect?  I'm on my Chromebook so I don't have ready access to the highlight feature for screen shots.  But here are some possible flags for those who may want a change of scenery and a little more money but you may end up with much more than what you bargained for.

And here we go...

1.  Have the ability to identify the business owner or decision maker and contact him closely.

So all you have to do is know who's in charge and how to reach them?  And how close is close in the electronic age? I know hugs are customary in some business cultures but usually, it doesn't apply countries that consider women to be second-class citizens.

2. Female Marketing & sales executive is needed for a design agency in Dubai

Why not a male?  Or even someone who considers themselves neither?  Discrimination at its finest!

3. Please send us your CV with recent photo 

There was once a time when only student residencies required a photo and maybe a few other high-end (as in well-paying) professions.  I know some employers are asking for this but in relation to the other content in the ad, this sounds a little strange.  From what I can see, it's a marketing assistant position that doesn't list educational or experience requirements.  Some prospects I run across are kind of rigid about this because not everyone knows the laws of business communication.  

Anyway, it's been nearly 12 hours since this ad went live so I hope it is legitimate.  I'm just curious as to why it was posted on a site since it appears the customs are different than that of the States.  Additionally, are relocation expenses covered?  So many questions...but maybe one answer.

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