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Monday, April 2, 2018

Interview From Hell (L.A. Version)

This has happened to me.  Several times.  Leaving a job during business hours to interview somewhere else, hoping that you are at least a strong candidate. 

Most people who don't live here think that Burbank and Long Beach are just minutes from one another (maybe at 3:30 AM).  But navigating these streets (especially the Westside) is not easy.  There's the congestion, construction, somebody shooting a damn film or music video.

But what about when you're not prepared either.  It's happened to me a lot recently and I'm beginning to take it as a sign as to which direction I should take my career.  Yet, we all know that preparation is key to everything in business...right?

However, anyone who has experienced interview drama like this lady here can only admit to one thing.  With age, you know miles away when it's not going to work, but morbid curiosity pulls you in and going with the adrenaline wave against better judgment.  If L.A. traffic caused you to miss out on an incredible business opportunity, don't cry (unless the job paid six figures or more).

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