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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Does Your Starbucks Coffee Taste Different Today?

Today is the day after the famous meeting that was supposed to educate Starbucks staff on how to treat customers of color.  Well, how about just treating everyone who's willing to pay the same money for burnt-tasting java the same.  An anti-bias meeting may be the first step forward but it's not enough.

How about common sense being used by the staff and the patron?  What about using good judgment before calling the police or making a case of nothing?  As a person of color, I have to say that I hate that people have chosen to make Starbucks a meeting spot instead of a place to get your food/drink and go.

No really, most libraries have rooms that can be rented to meet people.  You can't sit in most restaurants all day and order nothing...they would go out of business.  However, when they began to open the largest coffee chain in the world, someone should have taken a close look at the clientele in every area.

And while this is not an easy job, I think it's necessary.  For instance, there's a Starbucks every few yards in Downtown L.A.  Go into any one location at random and you will see at least one transient for every 3-4 professional people inside or outside.  Also, the transient isn't always a Black or Latino male.

Unless that disenfranchised person is a distraction or may cause potential harm to themselves or others, it's understood that they may not be loitering.  In fact, some are known to carry around wads of cash for a number of reasons.  The day is usually too short to judge or figure out why some human do what they do.

Then there are the people who may not look "right".  Let's look at some things that are supposed to scare those who work in customer service.  Rather than get them right in and right out, these are some things that actually hinder their productivity

  • Their hair is uncombed or wild-looking (so was that of white hippies back in the late 60s and early 70s).
  • They don't look as if they are going to a job (many people work at home or different hours and are still a productive member of society).  
  • They look troublesome (does everyone go around smiling all the damn time...NO! Truthfully speaking, people who are dressed really nice who go to high-end retailers in groups have the potential to do some real damage...even though these places are usually insured)
To paraphrase 1990s cult personality Susan Powter, Stop the Stupidity!

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