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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

KFC's Cattitude and Other Content Marketing Fails

Let me just start off by saying sorry.  Sorry that I, personally, couldn't deliver to you four WHOLE hours of cats climbing on a cat tree that looks sort of like The Colonel.  I mean, really!  As a single Gen-X female with no spouse or kids to keep me busy but loves the felines along with writing, this really broke my heart.  However, I knew that my Facebook fam would have jokes for days if I gave up my information (because we know how secure they really are).  So, for those who are insanely bored, Retail Dive has you covered.  Just scroll a little and there it is

Anyway, KFC has been of interest to me when it came to their TV commercials and overall image.  Back when I ate fast food chicken, I was pretty satisfied with just the two recipes and the elderly gentleman in a white suit that was a little on the chubby side.  Now, you have failed SNL alumni, 1970s sex symbols that didn't get work like Burt Reynolds, and I even think I saw a lady colonel recently.  Too bad the black KFC Colonel never stood a chance.  So much for marketing research.

So, in looking for this cat video that I'm trying to embed, I first turn to the original site and run into the company blog. While the layout is nice and colorful, it seems that the content is misplaced.  Although some people (or comedians) can get away with being self-depreciating, it doesn't always work for food.  Like titles that recall old myths about their overall cleanliness kind of kill the memories of enjoying their food as a kid.  Chicken Chattin may one day serve as a strong marketing tool but today, it can stand an overhaul.  Vintage commercials before there was a revolving door.  Videos of people who say they got the "secret" recipe.  Suggestions for new sides or menu ideas submitting by the people.  Maybe?

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