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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Biggest Ad Fail of 2018...So Far

Earlier this year, we were flooded with TV and viral announcements from IHOP (or for you old schoolers, International House of Pancakes) about this converting to IHOB.  The "B" stood for burgers but...we had yet to hear about any type of burger, or anything else.

So now today (7/17/18) we get this new TV ad stating that it was all a bad joke and now that it's back to business as usual, we're offering you a short stack for less than $.075 (with tax).

Now, I'm all for jokes but as the recipient, I believe I'm supposed to laugh...at something.  As an old school fool, I miss my House of Pancakes.  The London Broil, syrup that actually tasted like a flavor and not sugar...and cleanliness.  Too many have that stuffy smell like they forgot to steam clean the carpet at the end of the month.  And I'm not talking about the 24-hour ones, I know those are shot to hell.

Back to the bad joke, which is actually on IHOP because if you live in a major city, you can't get away from burger joints.  In-and-Out is no longer that guilty pleasure, as people are standing in long lines for burgers with peanut butter, small mountains of bacon, runny eggs, and my fav...Onion Jam!  *drools like Homer Simpson*
Regressing and wiping mouth corner aside, I want to know what burgers was the world supposed to get ready for.  Now in my research, I saw some steak burger that looked like frisbees.  Really, no love or anything.  While this is not a food review blog, this is my analogy of the whole IHOP commercial fail.

This is similar to an average guy who dates a girl-next-door type for years.  Things are not perfect but pleasant and there's some level of comfort.  Then out of nowhere comes some mysterious rebel chick that the guy is somehow drawn to.  She's not the cutest thing and probably not the safest but he drops Ms. Next Door in a heartbeat.  Her recovery is gradual but steady and she's found other options.  In the meantime, Rebel chick was either a fraud or left town overnight so now dude wants that old thing back.  Now, we all know that the first woman would be a fool to go back and this is why I predict that IHOP will go by way of Sambo's. 

Instead of a weak marketing loss leader (.60 short stack), why not try making these cleaner or using 100% eggs (instead of half-pancake batter) to make a simple omelet? Or even adding some real spices like chipotle, roasted, or using real maple syrup?  Huh, huh?

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