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Friday, July 27, 2018

Why Sales Counter Gigs May Become Extinct

Back when I was really young, I would peruse my local classifieds and see paid job training openings. According to the ad, pay was a little more than minimum AND I could start immediately.  Well, it took two encounters for me to see that these were fronts for a fake computer school.  However, the words from one recruiter that looked like she just came from Woodstock stuck in my mind...

 "Computers are gonna take over everything, man."( I'm very much a woman, btw)

So decades later, she would be proven somewhat correct.  Maybe it was a hallucinogenic dream she had where sales clerks would be replaced by robots (her first claim to convince me that data entry school was what I needed in my life).  On the other hand, who could've predicted the culture would become so stupid.

I've got strong words for a situation that could have easily been prevented...twice.

Anyway, it was an Augusta Sephora counter that took a major hit...by a child.  While most of Facebook is mad at the mother (who, according to the article, made a mad dash without confronting staff), my question is where was the sales help?  On their mobile device, at the food court, in the back sleeping?

Whenever I go through department stores, I notice the cosmetic counter.  Not because I necessarily want to buy but to be on my guard because those people seem to jump out of nowhere these days.  The video above explains why they are now so aggressive.

According to ABC News, the cosmetics industry is a $60B business, so $1300 in damages shouldn't hurt.  However, why not part with some of those funds to get adequate coverage?  I don't blame the staff because they were probably overworked.

So many of these big names are so consumed with cutting corners that they end up cutting their nose to save face.  Even in industries where ego and visuals sell the product.  If someone in sales can't sell an average-looking person a dream, why not have a robot do the job?  It would definitely cut down on inventory shrinkage.

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