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Monday, February 18, 2019

So What's Up For 2019?

Hey Folks,

This isn't goodbye but hello to change.  After attempting the regular post thing after my chemo and recovery, I found that the game had changed...A LOT.  Strong writers that once could help a sis out moved on to other things and then... I discovered something else.

I no longer work crap jobs and don't foresee returning anytime soon.

So, while I don't have bad bosses to bitch about, mastering how to handle clients, money, opportunities, and progress while maintaining a work-life balance is a work of art.  Before my illness, I worked on a salary in addition to my freelance writing/blogging thing for myself and a number of clients.  Nice paychecks and perks but it's not for the weary.

This year, I started a new blog called Freelancing Fun that's not only loaded with resources (I plan to add something new to the sidebar every week) but lessons learned by me and other experts who started at the very bottom with almost no money.

Like my other sites, there will be no pop-ups asking visitors to sign up for a newsletter that says nothing.  No lengthy landing pages convincing you to take a tutorial that I created.  In other words, I respect you and your time so I'd like to present something of value with hopes you will share with others.

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